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Do you believe you are fulfilling your true potential? Are you happy with your life? Chances are you've been searching and trying different approaches for some time and are fed up of people making extravagant claims!

I cannot promise to fix your grumbling digestion, your dodgy knee or your overactively anxious brain. But I do promise to listen to your concerns without judgement and give YOU the space to dive into your own depths, find the relevant pieces of the puzzle, bring them back and reassemble them into a more complete and better-functioning whole.

It's my belief that everything we are today is the result of everything that's gone before on every level - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. When there is imbalance somewhere on those levels it will eventually affect every other. So an over-critical childhood can lead to low self-esteem which depletes the energy of the immune system allowing Candida to take a hold in your gut creating chronic gut disorder. Yes you can take supplements to change the gut chemistry and loosen the hold of the Candida, but without addressing the cause you won't find the long-term joy and freedom you deserve.

If you choose to come for a session I'll pick from a range of techniques to help you get the best results possible. Different techniques work differently at every level and often the combined effect is more powerful than a single modality can offer so I may use crystals, sound, massage, visualisation and healing within one session. I also use kinesiology to communicate with your own energy system and find out where the imbalances are and how best to release them.

Of course if you just want something specific you can ask for that too, check the tabs for full info on Shamanic Healing, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing and SoulPath Coaching.

In April and May 2014 I am travelling and studying in N and S America. While I am away Jo Lambert is looking after my clinic in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle, she says: 

"Appointments will be available from 2pm on Thursdays and I can be contacted on 07535 364651 or, please don’t hesitate to call."

Glynnda Hunt is looking after clients in Manchester, Chorlton and the North West, she says: My Contact Details are: 01925 601303; Mob 0754 553 2052; Email:

I am deeply grateful to both of them for freeing up the space for me to go adventuring and look forward to being back in June to share my new learning with you all! If you want to get in touch please do email me. Thank you! 

Debra G. Delglyn

I usually see clients at any of the following:
  • Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 0YA t: 07866 427690
  • Natural Practices Clinic, 14 St Ann's Parade, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1HG t: 01625 549000
  • King St Chiropractic, 66 King St, Newcastle-u-Lyme ST5 1JB t: 01782 612397

mail:  Tel: 07866 427 690